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Q1 2017 sees the Encore range shipping along with the award winning V2 transmitters and translators from BW Broadcast and WIreless Components

Available for immediate order the DSPX Mini Encore and RBRX Encore are the first lines in the feature packed Encore range from BW Broadcast. 

The Encore range offers a standard UI, easy to use rotary encoders and OLED displays. Their standard hardware includes RDS encoding and Plan B silence detection, ensuring best value and highest functionality. 

The DSPX Mini Encore is a selectable processor for FM, AM and Digital in one 1RU, while the RBRX Encore offers brilliant rebroadcast audio with dual FM tuners for optimal performance. 

For more information on these products, or a demonstration, contact us

More Encore products are on their way, so watch this space!

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