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STL Licensing Changes

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Funding is available for your Studio Transmitter Link 
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Please review the following from the ACMA-

Single frequency fixed links (and Studio to Transmitter Links) in the 849-852 MHz band would naturally transition to the 845-849 MHz segment, a minimum path length of 20km applies for the 845-849 MHz segment (this rule does not apply to STLs).

Further assignment instructions exist in the ACMA RALI FX22.docx if required.

If you know your license number of client number, you can use our online search tool to also help you understand some of the changes that are going on. Simply go to our search tool here, and put your client or license number to generate the change requirements.

There are also other fixed link bands that you might like to consider here.

The Community Broadcasting Foundation is responsible for considering any compensation/grants to community broadcasters for the costs associated with compliance to these changes.

Based on that information, you will need to put some grant applications together in support of the hardware required for the new links. 

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