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V2 Transmitters by BW Broadcast

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V2 Transmitters

All BW Broadcast equipment is designed and built with three mantras, performance, reliability and ease of use. The inclusion of multi-band DSPX audio processing means stations without a dedicated processor sound great, right out of the box. Those who already have external processing benefit from BW Broadcast's unique dual-loop virtual VFO exciter and field proven ultra-low distortion modulator integrated into a great performing, highly stable FM transmission system.

Engineering features:
- "Gold clamp" transistors on the TX600 V2 and above can be changed in minutes with only a screwdriver and without needing a soldering iron. The clamping mechanism also ensures optimum thermal conductivity to reduce transistor temperature and extend service life. 
- "Hot-Swap" Slide-in universal power supplies on 2U models make replacement a breeze and a truly innovative heatsink design ensures ultra-long life thanks to ingenious airflow. 
- Fans are rated with over 10-years life at 120°F 
- Ethernet control and monitoring via laptop or smart phone app. Alarm and email alert configurable. 

Available from 5W-2500W, the V2 Transmitter is a "pick hit" winner.

tx50 small1 RU Models

TX5 V2 5 Watt Transmitter
TX50 V2 50 Watt Transmitter
 tx1500 small2RU Models TX300 V2 300 Watt Transmitter
TX 600 V2 600 Watt Transmitter
TX 1000 V2 600 Watt Transmitter
TX 1500 V2 1.5 kW Transmitter

tx2500v2fm 200x200

3RU Model

TX2500 V2 2.5 kW Transmitter

In 2018, BW Broadcast began shipping the third version (V3) of their award winning transmitter! With the same quality and cost effective design and the addition of many new features, the V3 is sure to be an award winner in its own right... read more 

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