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LM7046 Large Format Monitors

Call for Price: 02 8883 4670
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The large format monitors in 46", include all kinds of video inputs such as DVI-I, HDMI, composite and SD/HD/3G-SDI by default. This flexible inputs range is completed with top performing FullHD LCD screens, what makes this monitor family suitable for all kind of applications including working as the monitor of a multiviewer system. All the additional tools from the 7000 series are also included, so the monitor can also be used as a large format production monitor.


  • IPS (In-Plane Switching) technology improves viewing angles and colour reproduction, while LED backlight features better uniformity and lowers consumption.

  • Two SD/HD/3G-SDI inputs with active loop outputs and two composite inputs (optinally one input with output selectable by menu) are included by default.

  • One DVI-I and one HDMI inputs, provide direct connection with compatible cameras, multiviewers, PCs and analogue component video signals.

  • Audio monitoring is possible thanks to the different input options (analogue and SDI-embedded) and outputs (analogue, digital, headphones and stereo built-in speakers), as well as the configurable on-screen precission vu-meters

  • New tools have been developed to assist in the signal monitoring, such as independent wave-forms for Y, Cb and Cr, vectorscope and histogram, as well as the “false colour” function

  • High resolution dynamic in-monitor displays (IMD) are available on-screen. Additionally, the tally info (on screen or lamp) can be received serially or through contact closure

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