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HMD 26

Brand: Sennheiser
Product Code: HMD 26
Call for Price: 02 8883 4670
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The headphones are dimensioned for high maximum SPL. HMD 26 provides high wearing comfort in combination with a good noise attenuation. All variants of HMD 26 for Broadcast are equipped with ActiveGard which protects the user from volume peaks. The dynamic microphone with hyper-cardioid characteristic satisfies with perfect broadcast sound up to 16 kHz. It is mainly designed for applications in noisy environments. Another important feature is the less sensitivity against structure-born sound. The gooseneck microphone can be used either on left or right-hand side. The microphone boom allows an individual adjustment at the right position.


Impedance 300 Ohm mono / 600 Ohm stereo
50 Ohm mono / 100 Ohm stereo
Characteristic SPL 107 dB at 1 kHz, 1V
115 dB at 1 kHz, 1V
Color black
Transducer principle (Microphone) dynamic microphone (hyper-cardioid)
Contact pressure approx. 3,6 N
Ear coupling supra-aural


Amplifiers/Coaxial Switches
Power Output Headset
Headphones - headsets
Closed or Open Closed

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