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EXC18b and RTX18b

Brand: Sielco
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Call for Price: 02 8883 4670
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EXC18B and RTX18B is a modern direct synthesis, frequency-agile broadcast quality STL (studio to transmitter link), which may be factory preset on a very wide frequency range from VHF to SHF. This STL boasts excellent modulation characteristics including low noise, distortion and broad pass-band, high performance stereo encoding/decogin, on field programmability and monitoring. 

Technical Description:
- Compact, direct modulated low noise synthesised, oscillator, with 10 or 25KHz programming step
- External on field programmability of frequency and power, without any special instrument over a broad range
- Simple and modular internal construction facilitates stage testing and servicing
- Stable, high precision and termperature compensated crystal time-base
- Balanced/'unbalanced audio, MPX and separate auxiliary SCA/RDS channel input, wide range level adjustable in small steps
- Up to 6 separate LF input and output connectors plus RF/IF monitor for extended flexbility of use
- optional high performance stereo encoder/decoder. Field upgradable
- Narrrow low-loss microwave input filter for high sensitivity and excellent performance in highly noisy RF environments
- High efficiency, low-noise switch-mode power supply, with extended 90-260 Vac input range and battery backup with recharging option
- Complete digital control of all internal circuitry and extremely wide monitoring facilities. RS232 power for complete remote control
- Password protection of critical data and presets

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