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Arena digital console

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ON-AIR console with fader start, cough muting, monitor muting, control room and studio signalling, intercom, monitoring of all signals present in the system, remote control of hybrids and codecs. Two ARENA control surfaces are available: the ARENA DM and ARENA D10. The ARENA DM constitutes the basic system, and has five channels and a control and monitoring section for all signals in the system. The D10 complements the DM, and has ten channels. Up to seven ARENA D10s can be linkedto an ARENA DM.

With the use of motorised faders and multi-pages, multi-studio control from a single ARENA DM surface is possible

Each channel’s controls provide direct access to primary output busses or to the primary system functions. Simultaneous control of variables or multiple studios, and the capability to function as a Mix-Minus mixer with an unlimited number of N-1 circuits. In this mode of operation the control channels act as I/O channels.

Maximum security: Auto-start and configuration back-up. Hot-swappable boards. Optional full redundancy of system components. Wide range of processing capability: equalization, dynamics, delay, and more. 32 programmable keys with associated displays for integration with other equipment: configured for specific system operation via software and firmware. General Purpose I/O inputs and outputs.

Key inputs and outputs:

  • BC 2201 analogue audio input/outputs models
  • BC 2202 digital audio input/output
  • BC 2203 M analogue microphone and line input module
  • BC 2203 MH analogue microphone/line inputs and headphone output modules.
  • AES 10 MADI module: for sending inputs and outputs over coax or fibre-optic cable.

Download the brouchure and view the full specs here.

AoIP / Audio Mixing Consoles
Application Digital
Channels Less than 10
Channels More than 20
Channels 10-20

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