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NETBOX 32 and 8 AD AoIP Networking

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Using off-the-shelf routing equipment to send audio over IP in small to medium-sized systems offers cost advantages over synchronous solutions using AES-10 (MADI) or TDM buses. These have higher capacity, but require powerful hardware. Besides, large TDM systems can reduce their cost and at the same time increase their flexibility when they are combined with IP audio links to connect a few circuits with a central router.

That’s why, when developing the IP audio routing system at AEQ, we have created not only IP connection devices for the consoles, but also connection panels that allow for audio input and output installation wherever it’s necessary, as well as access cards for the AEQ BC2000D router.

AEQ has always been striving to offer equipment interoperability with third party devices for the convenience of our customers. Therefore, our solution is based on AUDINATE’s DANTE TM technology - AoIP multichannel networking with unparalleled operational performance.

AUDINATE´s commitment to implement the AES67 standard for high performance streaming audio-over-IP will ensure our equipment being fully compatible with a wide selection of existing and future devices for Broadcasting, Recording Studios and Professional Audio.

General Features

  • Multi-channel audio connectivity in program production centres through simple Ethernet cabling
  • Double Ethernet Audio over IP connections in all AEQ consoles and digital matrixes.
  • Standalone, double audio over IP interfaces, making audio input and output connections to central controls, link dispatches, analogue studios, OB locations and any other locations where an AEQ digital mixing console is not available.
  • The system is usually structured as a star-topology using Gigabit Ethernet switches. For smaller installations, the system can be cascaded  or “daisy chained”, as network interfaces are duplicated.
  • Where maximum availability is a design goal, the network can be wired with duplicate switches, ensuring uninterrupted operations with redundantpaths

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