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QS7018 Quad Split Monitors

Product Code: QS7018 Quad Split Monitors
Call for Price: 02 8883 4670
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QS monitors can work as a modular multiviewing system just by adding several units together to build a monitoring wall. To increase the possibilities of this modular system, KROMA has developed its Monitor Controller. This PC-based software provides remote access to all the functions in the monitors from a computer, just by using a regular Ethernet network. In addition to the standard functions in the monitors, the KROMA Monitor Controller software can set a log of all events and alarms in the system, with details of the monitor and quadrant, as well as date and time of the event. These functions take QS series very close to a dedicated multiviewing system, with additional advantages: being based on broadcast monitors, colorimetry is easily managed and signal delay is as low as possible, just the same as in single monitors system.

The new QS from KROMA, with built-in quadsplit and 10 inputs, is now enhanced with waveform and vectorscope tools, high resolution IMD (In-Monitor Display) and VU-meters, onscreen clock and the option to turn 4 video inputs into outputs by menu

10 inputs or 6 inputs + 4 outputs
DVI-I inputs (YPbPr, VGA and DVI video modes) and 8 autodetecting video inputs (composite and SD-SDI signals). These 8 inputs can be easily turned into 4 multistandard inputs + 4 digital outputs on the on-screen menu. HD is optional for the multiformat inputs and can be included at the time of purchase or activated by license later

Waveform and vectorscope
New tools have been included to assist in the signal monitoring, such as independent waveforms for Y, Cb and Cr, vectorscope and histogram, displayed in different colours for a quick identification of each function. These tools may be overimposed on the signal or displayed on a different quadrant so that no picture is hidden.

Audio monitoring
The QS SERIES units can be used tomonitor both analogue and digitalaudio: any of the 4 analogue stereoinputs or the  built-in audio de-embedder, can be fed to the on-screen VU-meters (with 4 groups/16 channels per window); or listened thorughthe built-in speaker or headphones

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