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RTX19 FM Receiver

Brand: Sielco
Product Code: RTX19 FM Receiver
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The RTX19/1 is a modern, frequency-agile broadcast quality Receiver, specially designed to make a broadcast in-band Transponder in couple with any standard FM Transmitter.

It offers full digital readout and complete and intuitive front panel control through a simple single jog coupled with extensive remote programmability and monitoring. It can also be used as a programmable monitor studio or site receiver, generating a very clean high-end quality LF demodulated output, much better than good consumer grade hi-fi receivers, in addition to very precise modulation measurement capabilities.


  • Front panel programmable synthesized local oscillator, with 100/10 kHz programming step, which permits easy, precise and immediate operation on site.
  • Complete front-panel or remote programmability of frequency, output levels, de-emphasis time constant, muting level and operating parameters.
  • Double conversion IF, with “”pulse count”” digital demodulator, yields very low distortion and noise, highly stable against temperature and time.
  • Linear MPX output, permits mono or stereo retransmission, without need for any subsequent stereoencoder, filter and pre-emphasis.
  • Wide pass-band modulation with phase/level compensated IF filter keeps superior stereo separation and optimum RDS re-broadcast
  • Auxiliary wider-band separate monitor output and precisely de-emphasized/filtered mono balanced output.
  • Field or condition-driven relay contact for external switchover.
  • Complete digital control of all internal circuitry and extremely wide monitoring facilities. RS232 port for complete remote control
  • Password protection of critical data and presets


Frequency range: 87.5 – 108MHz

FM, 75 kHz peak dev.

180kF3E in mono & 256kF3E in stereo

Synthesis step: 25kHz
Frequency error: <2.5 ppM 3′ after power-on
RF output power: 2W / 5W (1.3÷2.5 GHz)
RF harmonic products: <-60 dBc, -70 dBc typ.
RF spurious products: <-70 dBc, -80 dBc typ.
Audio/mpx input level: -3.5 ÷ +12.5 dBm @ ±75 kHz deviation on female XLR conn.
Deviation limiter: adjust. between 0 and > +7 dB
Mpx/mono output level: -1.5 ÷ +12 dBm, 0.5dB/step on male XLR
Dimensions without handles: 483 x 43.5 x 320 mm
Weight: 3.5kg

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