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Product Code: SCML1+1SL
Call for Price: 02 8883 4670
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PRIMARY APPLICATION:automatic changeover function across main and spare transmitters.
TELEMETRY FEATURES: the operating principle of RVR changeover system is “1+1”, where automatic changeover take place across a main transmitter and a spare one.
HARDWARE FEATURES: the changeover system is housed in lightweight and rugged stainless steel rack case having the dimension of 1 HE.
USER-FRIENDLY FEATURES: the front panel features many leds that indicate instant system status to the operator. Moreover, for all production models, the user-friendly HMI with graphic display ensures prompt reading and setting up of all operating parameters. It is possible to control and vary any system setting through a simple knob (encoder).
EASE OF MANTENANCE: the changeover system is assembled using modules and boards with connectors so that it is easy to remove, replace and add modules and boards.
RELIABILITY/CONTINUITY: the changeover system feature 24 V power connector that could be used in case of mains power failure.
INTERFACE CONTROL: the rear panel features all connectors that could be used to connect the equipment to the various components of the station(s).

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