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The Systelset+ a control terminal based on a touch-screen IP phone and running a new configurable control application. It adapts to the most diverse operating requirements, especially for talk show and technical coordination.

It's features are largely appreciated in confined spaces (it only takes a surface of 26 x 17 cm, less than many other telephones), self-control rooms or when producing programs with a minimum of staff and where calls are not the most important part of the program.

The control terminal has 8 function keys apart from the standard 12-key telephone keypad and the touch screen. It allows for calls being dialled or accepted, placed on hold, cued/screened, send and return levels to be adjusted. Calls can of course also be placed “on-air”, locked on air or dropped. The operational mode can switched at any moment between “call queue” or several calls on air simultaneously - multiplexed. The queue is built on the lines themselves with an indication of the next call to be placed on air. SYSTELSET+ also allows for the management of a call book and call scheduling directly from the terminal. Lines can be shared between different programs and the layout adapted to the number of available lines at each moment, thus making the best use of the phone’s touch screen.

Its capacity is multiplied through the menu of options and special configurations, with the possibility to activate options depending on the program that the system will service: automatic picking up of calls, rejection of incoming calls, sequential aggregation of calls to a an on-air multi-conference, the dropping of a call when the consecutive call is being placed on-air, the simultaneous screening/cueing of all active calls, adjust levels, etc.

You can also customize the operation of each equipment with options such as: silencing the ring, sequential call attention, sending calls to the queue after cueing/screening, automatic selection of outgoing line, direct access to on-air, etc.

For further adaptability, there is an Advanced Settings menu, with options such as: labels and control buttons with the typical regional terminology, the ability to swap between studios or close the program.

All this provides great operational flexibility, both for inexperienced talk-show users and those with experience and accustomed to working certain ways.


  • View and answer incoming calls
  • Stack calls in queues and route calls' to air'
  • Known callers details are displayed
  • Make outbound calls via the dial pad
  • Adjust call volumes from the handset

The SystelSet+ is compatible with the Systel 4, Systel 12 & Systel 16 systems.


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