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XE 30 30W FM Exciter/Transmitter

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The XE30 uses a unique ultra linear modulator to give superb sound reproduction with freedom from overshoots and artefacts. The modulator also features a precision TCXO for exceptional frequency stability.

The XE30 front panel LCD metering allows selection of output forward and reverse power, frequency, heatsink temperature and any optional baseband input module settings. Selected screen also shows any relating fault or condition (‘Low’, ‘High’, ‘Muted’, ‘Interlock’, ‘Phase Lock
Fail’, Fan Fail’ etc).

Also provided are: green/red pass/fail led indicators of system normal and CPU status plus a green/red/amber indicator of mute/interlock status. A front panel monitor point for RF output is provided. The rear panel includes a remote control/monitoring socket that allows carrier muting and status signalling to an external system. Additionally TCP/IP, (option /T) or RS232, (option /A) interfaces are available.

Variants of the XE30 are available with the choice of Universal AC, 12VDC, 24VDC, or 48VDC supply input. A comprehensive range of input options is available. The XE30 comes as standard with a composite and SCA/RDS inputs. A choice of one additional input module is available from the following:
/S Input Stereo Encoder
/O Mono Input Module
/E AES/EBU Input Module
/R Re-Broadcast Receiver.


Frequency range 87.5 to 108MHz in 50kHz steps
Frequency stability < ± 200Hz at 100MHz
Power output 3W to 30W adjustable
Harmonic & spurious output < -75dBc (9kHz to 1GHz)
Spurious outputs < -85dBc (87.5MHz to 137MHz @ greater than 500kHz removed from carrier )
Synchronous Noise (AM due to FM) ≤ 0.3% @ ± 40kHz deviation ( excluding pilot) at a modulation frequency of 400Hz
Input sensitivity + 8dBu (adjustable) for ± 67.5kHz deviation: 5.5V peak to peak
MPX response < ± 0.2dB (5Hz - 15kHz)
AF THD (multiplex version) < 0.1% @ ± 67.5kHz deviation over 40Hz to 10kHz
Power supply (AC) 88- 264VAC, 47 - 63Hz
Power supply (DC) Options for nominal 12VDC, 24VDC and 48VDC.
Temperature (operating) -5°C to +50°C
Humidity (operating)  ≤ 95% RH, non condensing
Dimensions 1U with 500mm intrusion to rack (inc. connectors)
Weight 10kg

Transmitters/transponders & gap fillers
Application FM
Power Output Less than 100W

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