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Phoenix Stratos

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Comprehensive, redundant, easy to use and controllable - for your station or network communications! This AudioCodec is the solution for any broadcaster with the need for a versatile but yet straghtforward and efficient AudioCodec.


  • Capacity to establish two independent stereo/dual connections or four mono channels to several different destinations.
  • Fully independent dual channels for program, coordination or backup, each one with its respective returns.
  • Front panel user interface and and control software.
  • Local or remote control of a single or a "pool" of units.
  • Remote monitoring: includes SNMP server that allows the user to monitor status, alarms, etc.
  • Multi- and Unicast capability.
  • Ancillary data channel both in IP and ISDN.
  • 4 GPIs and GPOs.
  • Includes encoding algorithms in compliance with N/ACIP EBU Tech3326 recommendations plus the AEQ LD low delay algorithms. AAC is oprtional.
  • Balanced analogue audio Inputs and Outputs on XLR connectors and AES/EBU digital I/O’s


  • STL Link (Studio-Transmitter Link) - Through IP connections on private VLAN, IP Radio-links, WiMAx, WiFi, ADSL, Cable MODEM, etc., it is possible to send up to two stereo or four mono programs to the radio transmission sites (one or two destinations) and to remote control and supervise from the production centre.STL links can also be built using point-to-point V35/X21 synchronouslinks, switched ISDN, or IP connections, with optional backup on a synchronous switched ISDN network.
  • Radio station networks - The unit can be used to interconnect the audio of the different radio stations in the network through IP. Since the unit provides bidirectional audio, a signal can bedistributed to the different radio stations in the network and at the same time audio contribution can be established in the opposite direction.IP Multiple unicast mode allows a single STRATOS codec to send up to two different programs, each one to a group of correspondents, while receiving feedback from one in each group. This way, the number of required audiocodecs at the network headquarters can be reduced.Radio station networks can also be built using synchronous point-to-point V35/X21 links or switched ISDN networks.
  • Outside broadcasts and contributions - The unit is able to establish IP connections with other Phoenix and Phoenix smartphone codecs (Stratos, Studio, Mobile, Mercury, PC, Pocket or Lite) or codecs from any other manufacturer that are N/ACIP compliant. Audio contribution can be performed on assorted IP networks, such as private VLANs, IP radio links, WIMAx, WiFi, ADSL, cable Modem, Inmarsat or similar IP satellite links, etc.It can be connected via ISDN with most audiocodecs on the market including, of course, AEQ Phoenix Stratos, Mobile, Studio, Eagle, Course ISDN, SWING, M-PAC and TLE02. The integrated ISDN module features both S and U interfaces on RJ45 and RJ11 connectors, and internally supports Euro ISDN and National 1 protocols for worldwide usage.

Stratos application


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