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AES Digiswitch 3 x 1 AES Digital Audio Switch

AES DigiSwitch 3X1 is a three-input switcher for AES digital audio signals. It accepts up to three AES audio sources, selecting one that is sent to the AES output.

AES Digital DA 2 x 4 Zero Delay AES Distribution System

To send an AES digital signal to multiple places, you must maintain accurate signal levels and impedances!  No “Y cables” or splitters!  The AES DA 2X4 does it, without adding any delay or latency. Quick XLR installation, no adjustments, no problems!

Autoswitch Audio switcher & Silence Sensor

AutoSwitch solves two radio station problems: It eliminates the "digital echo" in DJ headphones that's caused by digital audio processing.

It also prevents "dead air" by switching to an alternate audio source if the main air feed fails.

D2A Digital Converter

The D2A Digital Converter gives you audiophile performance with professional connectivity, plus an accurate Headphone output.  No wall-warts!...our internal AC power supply provides operation at real-world levels with plenty of headroom.

Digimatch 2 x 6

DigiMatch 2x6 is an AES/EBU-to-SPDIF interface and distribution amplifier for digital audio signals. DigiMatch has two distinct functions: (a) to convert between professional (balanced) AES/EBU and consumer (unbalanced) SPDIF digital audio signals; and (b) to distribute a digital input signal(s) to multiple destinations.

Logiconverter Utility Control Logic Interface

LogiConverter is a general purpose control interface that eliminates the incompatibility between various audio and video equipment remote control circuits.

Micromixer 4 Input Stereo Mixer

MicroMixer is a handy mixer to have when you need to mix 2 stereo sources together, or for mixing stereo to mono.

Mike Alert Bi-Colour Tally Light Controller

MIKE ALERT is an interface device for controlling the dual-color tally indicators on popular “mic arms”.

The Mike Alert unit allows two mic arms’ tally lights to be independently controlled, and provides power and control circuitry to operate the white and red tally indicators in each arm.

Multiphones II Multi-User Distributed Headphones System

MultiPhones II is a multi-user headphones system for broadcast studio, professional audio, and similar applications.

Multiphones Mini Pod Compact Stereo Headphone Amplifier

The MultiPhones MiniPod is a compact stereo headphone amplifier for broadcast studios and other commercial sound installations.

The MiniPod can be used with a MultiPhones Master unit or by itself as a "stand alone" headphone listening station

Multiport, Multi-Format Audio Interface Panel

MultiPort solves a problem by providing you with a central place to connect just about anything to your audio system.

Patchbox II Splitter

PatchBox IIis a passive "output multiplier" that can be used to distribute the output of a professional audio mixer to the inputs of peripheral equipment

Powerclamp Surge Suppressor

Sophisticated broadcast equipment demands clean power. Power line spikes, surges, and waveform distortions will produce system reliability problems, data errors, intermittent or unexplainable operation, computer lockups and failures.

PowerClamp TVSS units virtually eliminate the power line spikes and surges that cause these malfunctions and failures.

Powertracker line Voltage telemetry Interface

PowerTracker is a telemetry interface unit that allows remote monitoring of AC line voltage.

Six Mix 10 Input, 6 Channel Mixer

SixMixis a compact broadcast console that's designed for REAL RADIO! And it has a built-in D/A and A/D digital audio codec with USB interface....just connect a USB cable to any laptop or PC, and you're on the air. SixMix is the "missing link" that turns your laptop or desktop PC into a self-contained, no-compromise professional broadcast studio.

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